Group and Employee Onboarding


    We believe that well begun is half done.

    Which is why we've got some innovative systems in place to ensure that you and employees have the easiest and most comfortable signup process when you purchase any of our policies.

    Our onboarding process is expertly streamlined to ensure that your people are insured without delays, with a clear understanding of the plan benefits and all the documents they need to access these benefits from the very next day.

    All onboarding forms and documents will be made available for easy access. Additional documents, for information and for claims, are easily available on our website.

More Information

You can also access the forms and documents that you will need to share with us as part of the onboarding process.

For your ease of use and access we have prepared an onboarding video for your employees which will help them understand the overall working of our insurance plan, how to use our medical providers and other key information including reimbursement claim process, pre-authorization requests and our wellness initiative LivFit.

Onboarding Resources

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